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  • We are committed to improve your life by helping you to find the ideal solution to your lifestyles needs including visual problems. Our online store Glamourange, sells premium eyewear that enhances your long term self image, comfort and lifestyle. 
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Glamourange products ranges are in popular niches as determined by our customers preferences including Glasses with anti-blue light:

Computer Anti-Blue Light Glasses

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Many of us spend a lot of time in front of screens. Research suggested that screen time can alter our circadian rhythms, affecting our ability to sleep at night time. For some people, night-time is the only opportunity to catch up on reading or TV watching.

The blue light that emits from our computers, smartphones, and tablets can cause eye strains.

Computer Anti-Blue Light Glasses

In fact, the blue light emitted from screens can suppress our natural levels of melatonin. Thankfully, there are blue light glasses. With anti blue light glasses, depending on each individual needs, you can combat this problem.

Glamourange is helping you with its ranges of the best blue light blocking glasses. Your fashion eyewear just got a major upgrade. 


Do you use digital screens like computers, smartphones, tablets and TV for long hours? Do you constantly suffer from eye strains, headaches, dry vision, blurred vision, dizziness and sleepless nights?

What is anti blue light glasses? The blue light glasses lenses help to reduce these harmful digital screens problems. Give your eyes a break. Shop Glamourange most valuable intelligently designed anti-blue light glasses and eyewear accessories: 


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    Glamourange features premium eyewear that enhances your long term self image, comfort and lifestyle. The ranges of our essential and helpful products niches may expand in the future according to the potential needs and requirements of our customers. 

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